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Controller is fully compatible with Nintendo switches and perfect support for Nintendo games. To bring you the precision and feel that you are all too familiar with to make your gaming session all the more authentic.
Wireless Controller For Switch Can be paired quickly, stable wireless connection with Console. Strong anti-interference ability, easy handling and stable connecting signal (Please read the connection instruction before pairing).
Wireless controller For Nintendo supports Gyro axis function and double motors vibration function, no NFC and awake-up function. Vibration feedback gives you a compelling gaming experience. Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience. Dual analog sticks and expansion triggers provide precise movement control, making your gaming experience smoother and better.
Handles of game controllers are made with high-quality rubber with textured and non-slip grip handles which give you a firm and secure grip yet soft enough to ensure maximum comfort even for those long fun-filled gaming streaks while reducing the chance of controller has been destroyed making your controller safer.

1. Double Shock
2. With turbo function, Capture function, Home function
3. Two high quality analogue sticks come without any dead zone
5. Built-in 3.7V/500mAh Li-ion battery, charging time 2 hours, support 6 hours working time
6. With sensor, no NFC, no awake-up function

Pairing Methods:
1. 1st time to connect: Press and hold the HOME button 5 seconds on “Change Grip/Order” page, and 4 indicators blinks fast
2. 2nd time to connect: Press the HOME button on any page, and 4 indicators blinks slowly
Charging Indication:
1. 4 LED indicators blink slowly during charging under unconnected state with console
2. Matched LED indicator blinks slowly during charging under connected state with console

Material: ABS plastic
Mass: Approx.200g
Charging Port: Type C
Vibration Funtion: Supports double motor
Charging Current: ~350mA
Battery: Built-in polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 500mA
Battery Using Time: About 6 hours
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Charging Method: USB DC 5V
Shipping Weight: 0.68 lbs
Net Weight: 0.48 lbs
Product Dimensions: 6.1″x4.1″x2.4″

Package Includes:
1 x Wireless Controller.
1 x Charging Cable.
1 x User Manual.

Additional information

Weight 400.00 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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