HD wireless double joystick game console fighting arcade


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Product name: console arcade game
Output interface: HDMI
Product material: ABS environmental protection material
Applicable age: 5-35 years old

Connection method
1: Insert the TF card into the host card slot
2: Adjust to HDMI mode
3: Plug the usb power cord into the host, the host LED lights up, and then plug the host into the HDMI seat of the TV. After three to five seconds, the TV displays the content.
4: Put three AA batteries into the console, shake the joystick, and the content displayed on the TV screen is synchronized with the joystick, it means the debugging is OK.
5: A set of packing list: two console game consoles + eight fixed suction cups + connection host + usb cable + manual

Additional information

Weight 1270.00 kg
Dimensions 290 × 190 × 190 cm

Red, White, Yellow, White and Yellow, Red and White, Red and Yellow


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