Mini Arcade High-definition Wireless Game Console Retro Gba Dual Handle

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Product information:

Product Type: Game console
Game type: RPG role playing
Game version: Softcover version
Operating system: liunx
Memory: 16GB
Video game classification: fever level
Wireless: Wired
Interface: HDMI
Additional features: MP3 music player
Material: ABS
Product color: gray handle, black and red handle

The product features are as follows:

1. The body adopts a small square model, which has a strong three-dimensional effect and is easy to carry when going out.

2. It supports high-definition TV output, and also adds the function of connecting to the computer’s HDMI. With its own audio, it can also release sound when connected to a computer, which is no different from connecting to a TV.

3. Supports dual handles, and also adds the function of 2.4G wireless handles

4. Support PS1, GBA, NEOGEO, FC, SFC, CPS1/CPS2, MD, GB and other simulators, and support timely archiving and file reading.

5. Support downloading MP3/MP4 music and video playback,

Host size: 8*8*5cm

Packing list:

Host + handle

Additional information

Weight 770.00 kg
Dimensions 212 × 186 × 97 cm

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I


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