Ps4 gamepad protective sleeve slim pro silicone sleeve


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Product name: PS4 handle silicone protective cover

Product process: Use high-quality environmentally friendly silica gel as raw material, open the film, and have a better fit with the PS4 handle

Product features: High-quality environmentally friendly silica gel is made of material, which is light and thin, sweat-proof and wear-resistant, and does not burden the hand feeling

Suitable models: PS4 handle

Reminder: The silicone sleeve is only suitable for PS4 slim pro handles. Do not scratch the silicone sleeve with sharp objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the product.

Additional information

Weight 60.0 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 40 cm

11 style, 9 style, 12 style, 3 style, 8 style, 13 style, 4 style, 6 style, 7 style, 1 style, 5 style, 14 style, 10 style, 2 style


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