XboxSeriesX S wireless Controller Dual Charging SLIM ONE X Dual Battery Charging Kit


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Product information

Game console accessory type: Game console charger
Specification: color box packaging
Interface type: USB
Applicable products: XboxONE series controller
Scope of application: handle dual battery charger
Applicable number: 2
Product size: 15.8*3.8*12.9cm
Material: ABS

1. Charging time: about 3.5~4 hours (determined by 800mAh battery capacity, which means that two handles are charged at the same time, and the input current must be greater than or equal to 1A in series);
2. The package includes dual charging base + battery pack + X S / X battery back cover + Xbox Series X battery back cover;

3. DC 5V1A power supply, the input interface is a standard MICRO port, plus a USB to MICRO charging cable and a nickel-metal hydride battery pack, which is very convenient to use;
4. The built-in circuit also has an overvoltage protection function for the input voltage, ensuring that the power supply is automatically cut off when the input voltage is higher than 6.5V;
5. This product uses a dedicated Ni-MH battery charging management IC design. When charging, when the Ni-MH battery voltage is charged to 2.85V, it will automatically stop charging, which can effectively protect the Xbox One handle and the Ni-MH battery pack. It also has over-voltage protection. Over current protection, output short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection function;

6. Product accessories: 1 USB to MICRO charging cable, 2 Ni-MH battery packs, 2 dedicated X S/X battery back covers, 2 Xbox series X battery back covers

1. When charging an Xbox handle with this product, you must use the battery pack configured with this product.

Packing list
Base+USB cable+battery x2+battery cover x4

Additional information

Weight 285.00 kg
Dimensions 160 × 40 × 130 cm



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